Bridge walk/run 2013

me, Shayla, Jane, Alisha

me, Shayla, Jane, Alisha

The bridge walk/run was fun.  I was a about a minute into staying in bed when I remembered I had given my word to Shayla that I would walk with her.  She hasn’t been walking much, even had to borrow walking shoes for it  and I didn’t want to let her down.  So, I dragged my ass out of my warm cocoon of a bed, got dressed, grabbed a cup of coffee & a banana, and drove to the Sidney Lanier bridge.  I got there a little late, but was surprised to see they had us all directed to the close parking, ( I thought) instead of the middle school like last year.  Yeah, right, I had to park out in the cuts and probably walked 1/2 mile to get to the festivities.

I was told to look for the group in red shirts, which is what we got for our team. Uh, red is the same color EVERYBODY got for this year’s bridge walk/run.  HAHA! LAUGH RIOT!!  Anyways, I found us and went up to the bridge and waited for the last of the runners to finish.  The walkers started at 9am so we had to wait about 15 mins. Not too bad.  We all started together but soon it was me and Shayla on our own.  We did pretty good until we got on the decline to the other end of the bridge.  Shayla’s ankles were hurting her so we turned around.  I figure we cut out about 1/2 mile or so.   Not too bad for her 1st time walking.  I don’t know how she is feeling today though.

I have been doing Nichole’s body/mind workout videos.  She does a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minute cardio workout with affirmations, then a 5 minute cool-down.  She puts a new workout on every other module, and I am on module 12 which is the last one.  I haven’t been the best student…… I have done 1, 5, and 9.  I have done them several times, every day last week!  They make me feel so good, I know I need them, but I haven’t been motivated until now.  Maybe it’s because the end is near.  I want to please Nichole by being successful.  That’s a load of crap.  I don’t need to please anyone besides MYSELF.  I want to be healthy, strong and beautiful once again.

Shaky arms and a new workout outfit


bridgeSo, yesterday, I finally got my workout on!  I did one of Nichole Kellerman’s videos.  It was from Module 8 or 9 in Successful Weight Loss School.  One of the moves was laying on a stability ball, and doing a push up then bringing your legs up to your chest, still on the ball.  My arms were so shaky for like hours afterwards.  Yowza!  So tonight, I did what every normal person does….. I did the workout again.  Hair of the dog.

I have 2 more of these workouts to do this week, so I can go buy a new workout outfit.  That’s my celebration for getting off my ass and working out.  I am not celebrating with food anymore.  Who started that anyway?  Probably some chick with a high metabolism.  LOL..

My workout yesterday. …. Body Mind workout #8

Today’s workout  …….         Body Mind workout # 8

Tomorrow’s workout………

Oh yeah, I gotta get some jogging in before Saturday’s Bridge Walk/Run.  I’m gonna walk with a co worker, since last year a couple of my coworkers walked slow with me.  Paying it forward.bridge walk

Continuing new….

English: Vrksasana, the tree position, a Yoga ...

English: Vrksasana, the tree position, a Yoga posture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, that is confusing.  I have to start doing what I have been doing for the last 9 months.  Ha! I just realized that SWLS was 9 months long and pregnancy is 9 months long.  It fits.  I am a new person.  While I haven’t lost a lot of weight, I have lost my fear.  My fear of being  judged for not being perfect.  For having a few rolls and bumps where they shouldn’t be.  For looking all of my 56 years.  Wow! I put that out there, didn’t I ?

I have gained soo much more.   I gained the ability to move more freely.  I can walk upstairs carrying bags in both hands.  When I started, I had to hang on to the handrail, and carry 1 bag.  It hurt my knees, my back and mostly my hips.  What?

I can jog for 30 mins. straight. No walking, no stopping.  The last time, which was day before yesterday, I jogged 3.8 miles in the 30 mins.  Not too shabby if I say so myself.  When I started I could walk 3.8 miles but it took me over an hour and I couldn’t move the next day.  I did a stability ball work out today.  No problem.

I can do yoga for 30 mins.  and am a “calorie roaster”.  When I started, I could do 5 poses  maybe 10-15 mins. and was a beginner.  I had to put my foot down every time I did the tree pose.  I couldn’t do any poses with good balance.

I have friends at work.  I have friends online.  I know I am not alone in my thoughts, feelings.  I am very lucky.  I have more than I ever thought I did.  I am admired, loved, respected.  I am beautiful, young at heart, in shape.    When I started, I viewed myself as a loser.  I was a victim.  I never got what I wanted.  I was a loner.  I thought everyone I loved left me.  I was totally depressed.  I thought I was ugly, old and fat.

I sleep 8 hrs a night, only getting up once to go pee.  I take a blood pressure pill that has a water pill combined so with the amount of water I now drink, I have to let it out.  When I started I would sleep 45 mins to 1 hour and wake up several times, tossing and turning for another hour or more.  Finally dozing off again, and repeat.

I eat a variety of vegies.  I love spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, fresh spinach, and more.  I could eat salad everyday, and I haven’t bought Ranch dressing for months.  When I started I ate Mcdonald’s , drank a ton of coffee, and sometimes would eat chips for dinner.

I weigh 175. Maybe less, I threw the scale in the trash during the first month.   When I started I weighed 192. ‘Nuff said.

An end to SWLS or a beginning to me?


I received an email the other day that had me instantly in tears. This email was from Nichole, my weight loss coach. In it she imformed me that Module12 was the last module. In it was the last of the information that I needed to learn for me to be successful in my weight loss journey. WTF? Really? Who’s kidding who here? For one thing, it’s just beginning to sink in. SWLS is not a typical weight loss program. We are told we CAN eat whatever we want, no guilt. When there is guilt with eating, the calories are tripled. TRIPLED. We are told to move our bodies in ways that makes us happy, not a certain amount of reps or amount of time. If dancing is your thing, dance. If running is it, then ” run Forrest run! ” . When I started I could only walk. In the pool. I can now jog for 30minutes straight! Usually, it’s 3.8 miles and it’s before work. Big accomplishment for me. In SWLS we are able to tell our fears, downfalls and our successes. We even get to brag. All of these things without ridicule or hate or jealousy. And with other WOMEN. WTF? Let me tell you, it is by far the best school I have EVER attended. I have met some pretty awesome women. One named Carmel aka SKinnyCat.

I choose love




This is my beautiful daughter Jade.  I miss her. She is strong. Independent. Hard working. Loyal. Kind.  Sometimes shy. Not fully aware of her true beauty.  She is a wonderful mom.

Funny, these are things written about me from my friends and family.  Yet, we have different backgrounds.  I had a poor, broken childhood.  Her dad and I are still together and she could live with us right now if she chose.  I was not wanted by my biological mother,  I adore Jade.   I have had a lot of close family deaths at an early age.  Jade  lost her grandma and most recently her beloved grandpa.  I didn’t know my grandparents except my gramma on my mother’s side, but she died when I was 14.  I spent a lot of time searching for love, for life, for inspiration.  Jade has worked in same place for 14 yrs, lived in same town all her life, never leaving she says.  And yet, she has a lot of the same qualities I have.

I used to think that the past shaped me.  And that I would have turned out better if I had lived with different circumstances.  I thought I would be better.  Looking at Jade and marveling at her beauty, I can see myself with a better perspective.  I am not so bad after all.

I am strong.  Independent. Hard working. Loyal. Kind.  Sometimes shy. Not fully aware of my true beauty. I am a wonderful mom.

A night out with the boys

Tyler, Hubs, Kud, me, Miles

Tyler, Hubs, Kud, me, Miles

Last Saturday night, Hubs and I met our two sons and one of their friends at Red Lobster.  We had received 2 gift cards at Christmas so we decided to all together and use them. Mostly our sons just wanted to drink but we ordered a big appetizer plate and a combination of 3 shrimp special dinner.  I ate the salad and 2 of the cheddar bisquits, while they ate all the fried, batter goodness. LOL  Here they are planning the next GREAT idea…….

My Rat Pack

My Rat Pack

For a closer view, here is my youngest son, Kud.  Not his real name. Nickname. He even got it onto his diploma. He has a way about him. People love him.  I LOVE him. He would drop everything for me.  And for all his family, and his friends too.  His only downfall is that he is a workaholic.  He has 3 cooking jobs.  Yeah, Hubs is a cook.  We owned  a cafe in Calif. for 11 years.  I wanted our kids to do anything but work in the food service.



This is Miles.  He is our middle child.  All the way.  He thinks he is so misunderstood. And is our wanderer. By that I mean he hasn’t found his true way in life.  He used to be a cook, but after he was out for 8 weeks with a bad burn on his arm, he didn’t return to cooking.  He is now a nanny for a 5 year old boy.  Ok.



Trying to move my A*S!


21dayI am in Nichole Kellerman’s Successful Weight Loss School.  You can find her at http:\\ . As an incentive, most of us have joined in on her 21 day Get Moving Challenge. You can find that on Facebook. Join us, it’s not too late. We are on day 6 .  As a participant in SWLS we do the  Challenge X 2, the Bonus and the Bonus,Bonus.

So, the 1st day, not so bad….

Challenge— 10 mins of nonstop walking X 2

I walked at work 1/2 mile around and around the parking lot.  Ran 1.45 miles in 10 mins right when I got home from work. YAY!

Bonus–  Drink 3 full glasses of water.

Do that everyday plus more, Easy Peasy

Bonus, Bonus — 20 squats, 20 lunges, 30-60 second plank

23-second plank but everything else … DONE

Day 2 she changed it up with the Challenge being a 15 mins of workout video X2 so 30 mins.  The Bonus was to eat 1 serving of leafy greens, EASY.  Bonus, Bonus walk 10 mins and read “limiting beliefs” . OKAY.

Day 3 Back to walking 10 mins X2, Bonus prepare healthy snacks for tomorrow, Bonus,Bonus 20 chair pushups, 50 plie squats, 50 bird dogs.  I couldn’t do all the chair pushups but the rest EZ

Day 4 workout video 15mins X2. Bonus eat the healthy snacks, I made Lima Bean Hummus with vegies, pretty lemony but good. Bonus,Bonus Cleanse….. still working on that one,  and didn’t do the video. Bummer.

Day 5 The challenge was to walk 15 mins X2 ,I walked at work. Bonus choose  healthier to eat and drink. I added Maca greens to my water instead of plain water which is double healthy. Bonus,Bonus 20 squats, 20 lunges, 30-60 second plank.  So happy not chair pushups!

Day 6 core video,  Bonus write 10 things I love about my body… Hmmmm. Bonus,Bonus look in mirror and say them to myself. Double Hmmmmmm.

Could this be the hardest one yet?

Here goes…..

1.  I love me for being  patient.

2. I love me for being kind.

3. I love me for sense of humor.

4. I love me for being a hard worker.

5. I love me for being adventurous.

6. I love me for being young at heart.

7. I love me for finding the good in situations, people.

8. I love me for being a good mom.

9. I love me for my curiosity.

10. I love me for not stopping til it gets done.

Now to say them to myself in the mirror.

How about you…. have you done mirror work?  What are some things you love about yourself?  It is so much easier to think of things I love about others.  Challenge yourself!